From the fearless community leader who volunteers to serve as the President  of the YWCA Board of Directors, to the exuberant retired teacher who leads Young Wonders preschoolers in a lesson on seasonal bulletin board décor, YWCA Princeton volunteers serve as the solid rocks of our organizational mission.

The YWCA recognizes volunteers as essential collaborative partners, facilitating the effective delivery of our mission-driven programs and services throughout Mercer County and beyond. The priceless gift of empowerment through volunteerism is a mutually advantageous donation, which yields endless returns on one’s invested gift of time, talent, and skills for generations to come.

Whether you would like to volunteer as an individual, a family, a corporation, or a civic engagement group, we offer a plethora of opportunities for individuals dedicated to “eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all” to rock with us on a mission.

To receive further information about the YWCA Princeton volunteer opportunities, please contact Renee Giliberti  at RGiliberti@ywcaprinceton.org

Volunteer Opportunities