Wellness education & Healing Arts Workshops

Healing Arts Workshops

Register for virtual Healing Arts by emailing Melissa White at mwhite@ywcaprinceton.org !

The BCRC is here to empower breast cancer patients and survivors to take an active role in maintaining and improving their quality of life during and after breast cancer treatment.  We know all too well how a diagnosis of breast cancer stirs up so many emotions.  It is important to have an outlet for these emotions – a way to acknowledge, explore and express them in a positive way.

We find that engaging in creative arts can be a powerful healing experience for breast cancer survivors facing health challenges. Healing arts helps in so many ways including expressing thoughts and emotions, lowering stress and anxiety, connecting with oneself in a deeper way, coping with grief, and creating something unique and beautiful!

BCRC healing arts workshops include painting, drawing, sculpting, equine therapy, creative writing, and more. To find out more about upcoming healing arts workshops, please contact Melissa White-McMahon at (609) 497-2100 x 349 or mwhite@ywcaprinceton.org

Creative Meditation Hour

Join us every Wednesday at 12:30pm in our creative and healing space at the BCRC Clubhouse. Each week we go through different types of meditation practices that have positive effects throughout your breast cancer journey and your everyday life.

Registration is required. Please contact Melissa White-McMahon at (609) 497-2100 x 349 or mwhite@ywcaprinceton.org

Guest Speaker Series

Join local and regional experts to learn more about a wide range of breast cancer related issues including treatment updates, anxiety reduction and relaxation, nutrition and exercise, clinical trials, and more. Ask questions and share experiences with the speaker(s) and your peers while enjoying light fare.

To find out more about our guest speaker series or to inquire about being a speaker, please contact Melissa White-McMahon at (609) 497-2100 x 349 or mwhite@ywcaprinceton.org

Eat Better, Live Better Program

Our Eat Better, Live Better workshop focuses on a nutrition topic of specific relevance to breast cancer patients and survivors. Watch as mouth-watering dishes are prepared and the nutritional benefits are explained, then enjoy a delicious meal. This workshop is facilitated by Kevin White, Chef at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Our Eat Better, Live Better workshop will return in April 2021! For more info, email Jessica at jkaschak@ywcaprinceton.org