We offer great opportunities for you to move! There is something for everyone and all skill levels. No matter were you are in your journey- the power of movement can be life changing.

Fitness, Wellness, & Healing Arts

Fitness Classes

We offer a weekly fitness program that has been specifically customized to meet the physical needs of women who have had a breast cancer diagnosis at some point in their lives. We welcome not only newly diagnosed women but longtime survivors and women who have metastatic disease. From the day of diagnosis and for the rest of their lives, women are encouraged to participate in our unique and extremely therapeutic program. All fitness levels are accommodated.

Our fitness offerings are open to breast cancer patients and survivors and support people.

For more information about our current fitness offerings, please email Betsy at ebell@ywcaprinceton.org

Eat Better, Live Better Program

Here at the BCRC, we believe that a pivotal piece of coping during and beyond breast cancer is leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Our Eat Better, Live Better sessions are offered throughout the year to answer nutritional/health related questions! A variety of topics on eating healthier are offered through partnerships with our local community health expert partners.

For more info, email Betsy at ebell@ywcaprinceton.org

Healing Arts Program

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The BCRC is here to empower breast cancer thrivers and survivors to take an active role in maintaining and improving their quality of life during and after breast cancer treatment.  We know all too well how a diagnosis of breast cancer stirs up so many emotions.  It is important to have an outlet for these emotions – a way to acknowledge, explore and express them in a positive way.

We find that engaging in creative arts can be a powerful healing experience for breast cancer survivors facing health challenges. Learn how to cope and heal through webinars on cancer related topics. Come as you are- leave more at peace and closer with yourself.

BCRC healing arts workshops include painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing, and more. To find out more about upcoming healing arts workshops, please contact Melissa White-McMahon at (609) 497-2100 x 349 or mwhite@ywcaprinceton.org