Community outreach & Education

Our BCRC staff and team of committed volunteers are happy to set up an information and education table at your local health fair or community gathering.

We have presented to over 50 local organizations, including community centers, neighborhood associations, country clubs, schools, retail stores, and places of worship. Please help your employees, members, friends to BE AWARE, to BE SAFE, and to be EDUCATED about early breast cancer detection by scheduling a free education and outreach session. Our programs include information on self-exam with teaching tools, information on male breast cancer, cancer in young women, cancer and hormones, our free mammography program, and so much more.  With our education and outreach program you can save a life.

To schedule an outreach and education session, please contact our Soraya Herrera, Outreach Coordinator, at (609) 751-6206 or Betsy Bell, Interim Director, at