About Us

*Due to COVID-19, our in-person programs are limited, however several support groups are meeting via Facebook, and we offer virtual programming via Zoom.*

Please reach out to Melissa White at mwhite@ywcaprinceton.org to register!

YWCA supports improving access to women’s health and empowering women to take control over their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our Breast Cancer Resource Center offers support to breast cancer patients and survivors including:

Wig and prosthesis boutique, Fitness and wellness programs, Support groups, Outreach and education, and Integrative arts therapy.

Quick Facts

In 2020 we:

  • Served 477 participants through healing arts classes, support groups, and wellness presentations.
  • Distributed over wigs, bras, and prostheses to 114 women during and after breast cancer treatment.
  • Welcomed and empowered 48 new women to the BCRC!
  • Reached over 6,800 individuals through our outreach & education program.

About the Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC)

Have you or someone in your life been diagnosed with breast cancer? YWCA Princeton’s Breast Cancer Resource Center will help answer the tough questions, guide you through the difficult decisions, and provide support through mentoring, fitness & wellness activities, transportation, and so much more.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, a long time survivor, coping with metastatic disease, a support person, or anyone in between, the compassionate professionals of the BCRC are here to guide you through the toughest challenges.

All of our programs are free of charge and are available to breast cancer patients and their families. For more information, please contact us 609-497-2100 ext. 346 or click on any of the links.

Our Mission

The YWCA Princeton’s BCRC is dedicated to providing support and information to women and their families affected by breast cancer, and to increase understanding of the disease. Our mission is to equip every woman who reaches out to us with personalized programs and services that will enable her to live with, through, and beyond breast cancer.

Y the W Makes the Difference

  •  We provide a unique, non-clinical environment, with comprehensive programming that is unmatched by any hospital or community center in the tristate area.
  • All of our programs are free of charge and are available to breast cancer patients and their families.