Young Wonders Celebrate Earth Week

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YWCA Princeton’s Young Wonders Child Development Center recently celebrated Earth Week by learning how to plant flowers. The children sorted and planted seeds, observed parts of the flower, and arranged bouquets for their parents. We value learning through experience and feel that appreciation for nature should start early!

This exercise aligns with the teaching strategies outlined by the Creative Curriculum, which is the research-

Young Wonders arranging their bouquets!

based curriculum our teachers at the Young Wonders Child Development Center utilize in their lessons. Planting seeds and assembling bouquets are physical activities where children can note the difference in texture of the flower’s stem compared to the petal, or smell its scent. This engages the senses and strengthens the memory of their experience. In addition, arranging bouquets engages creativity! The children got to arrange their flowers based on visual cues like the color or the flowers or the size of the plant. Most importantly, the children were able to have fun while doing something kind for their parents.


We hope activities like this will inspire our Young Wonders to go outside and play or help in the garden with their families!