A Warm Welcome to New YWCA Board Members!

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Judith Hutton, YWCA Princeton CEO, began the Volunteer Appreciation Party by thanking all the volunteers for their help in furthering the YWCA Princeton mission.

Our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party was held on May 9th, 2018 at the YWCA Princeton’s W Center. It was a fun evening filled with food and laughter, as many of our long-time volunteers mingled and greeted staff members.

Judith Hutton, CEO of YWCA Princeton, thanked all the 400+ volunteers of the YWCA Princeton who were on a mission with us to eliminate racism and empower women. She reminded us that the YWCA has a long history of working with volunteers and has over 52,000 volunteers currently across the YWCA network in USA.

Heledona Katro, Director of YWCA Princeton’s ESL Program took to the stage next to once again thank the volunteers, especially those who had been helping ESL students with their tutoring and guidance.

Dr. Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman, current YWCA Princeton Board President, was invited upon the stage to announce and introduce the newly elected board members of the YWCA Princeton. Dr. Cheryl first called upon stage Megan Adams, current YWCA Princeton Board Member who will be succeeding her as the new Board President.

The new board members of the YWCA Princeton are: Kristin Epstein, Melanie Lowe Hoffman, Katrina Homel, Donna Maywar, Aquatia Owens and Eileen McCoy Whang. Learn more about our new board members here.

Current Board President Dr. Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman (center) along with Upcoming Board President Megan Adams (extreme right), welcomed new board members (from L-R) Aquatia Owens, Melanie Lowe Hoffman, Katrina Homel, Eileen McCoy Whang and Donna Maywar.


Minor changes to the YWCA Princeton by-laws were also announced at the Volunteer Appreciation Party.

Following in the footsteps of YWCA USA, who changed their corporate name from ‘Young Women’s Christian Association of the United States of America, Inc.‘ to ‘YWCA USA, Inc.‘ in December 2015, YWCA Princeton is now undertaking the legal steps necessary to effect the official name change from ‘The Young Women’s Christian Association of Princeton, NJ‘ to ‘YWCA Princeton‘.

Volunteer Appreciation Party
YWCA Princeton volunteers mingle at the Volunteer Appreciation Party over food and drinks.

When it was formed in 1858, the YWCA was a “Christian sisterhood”, establishing safe residences for women over the years. Today, it’s a worldwide organization with a commitment to empowering women and eliminating racism, irrespective of religion. This more accurate name provides YWCA with the opportunity to engage many more individuals in the important and inspiring work of this organization.

A note of thanks for our wonderful sponsors, McCaffrey’s, Olives, La Jolie Salon and Spa, and PNC Bank for supporting us for this event. We also thank Sarah Copley for providing the live music and Lisa Sullivan for her photography for the event. Check out more pictures of the event here.

We hope everyone had a great time, and you will consider volunteering with the YWCA Princeton to help us further our mission.

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