Volunteer Voices: Rebecca Boley, BCRC Community Resource Coordinator Intern

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Since October, Rebecca Boley, a South Brunswick native, has been volunteering virtually with our Breast Cancer Resource Center as a Community Resource Coordinator Intern.

In the interview below, Rebecca reflects on her involvement with the BCRC.

How did you find out about the BCRC?
I found the BCRC while I was searching for potential internship locations for my MPH program. 

What drew you to volunteering at the BCRC?
What drew me to the BCRC was the sense of community and privilege to help such a special group of women. 

What have you learned during your time at the BCRC?
I have learned a lot throughout my time with the BCRC, including the importance of communication and collaborative efforts. Also, I have gained valuable experience working with the breast cancer community and have improved my leadership skills. 

What has your experience been volunteering virtually?
My experience participating in a virtual internship was new to me, and it showed me the importance of communication skills and to always ask questions. In addition, weekly phone calls and BCRC team meetings were helpful and allowed for me to receive valued feedback and stay on target for reaching my goals. 

How has volunteering at the BCRC impacted you?
The BCRC has played a significant role in my personal and professional life. I have had the pleasure of working with such selfless and dedicated women who consistently go above and beyond to help the community. Each one of them has taught me important skills which I will carry over to my future career. My time with the BCRC has also pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow as a public health leader. I am incredibly grateful for all of the support and valuable advice that my preceptor Melissa has given me throughout my internship. 

Rebecca was integral to the success of our 2021 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Lunch and Learn. She researched, coordinated, and recruited three highly-regarded experts to speak on our panel, which she also moderated. She also planned, coordinated and moderated our recent Intimacy Workshop, which had over 70 virtual attendees! We are grateful that she chose to share her time and talent with us, and wish her all the best as she continues to pursue her Master’s Degree in Public Health.