Our Adapted Programs and a Lasting Impact

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Jenny featured in our 2010 “12 Lives Changed” calendar.

12 Lives Changed: Jenny’s Update

Throughout our centennial anniversary, we’ve highlighted past and present programs and events. While some of our programs are no longer active, we’re incredibly grateful for the lives they’ve touched, and the futures they’ve empowered. 

Today, Jenny’s love of dance inspired her to join Princeton High School’s cheerleading team!

Our Adapted programs including swimming, art, and dance, provided recreation and a warm environment for children and adults with special needs. In 2010, Jenny was featured in our 12 Lives Changed calendar, which highlighted community members who had been deeply impacted by our programs. At the time, Jenny had already been participating in our Adapted programs for several years. She learned to swim through our aquatics program, and discovered her love for dance through ballet and tap dancing classes. 

Jenny’s mom, Wendy, reflected on her family’s time with our programs and shared how important it was for Jenny, who has Autism, to be welcomed and embraced throughout the YW programs and activities beyond the Adapted programs. She shared the sense of community she felt, connecting with other parents, and fondly remembers performances at Communiversity and recitals that received standing ovations. 

Today, Jenny is a cheerleader at Princeton High School and credits her time with the YW for her background and passion for dance. At the YW, we strive to continue to be a space for children and families to form fond memories that empower them for years to come.