YWCA Princeton Response to White Supremacy March in Palmer Square

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Freedom of speech is among the most sacred rights in our constitution – this right allows us to foster an environment that acknowledges multiple view points and helps develop critical thinking. Unfortunately, under that same umbrella of free speech, white supremacist groups like New Jersey European Heritage Association choose to spread words of hate, bigotry, violence and fear.

This Saturday, this white supremacist group will convene in Princeton in a demonstration of anti-Semitism and hate. YWCA Princeton strongly denounces and condemns the actions and beliefs of those behind this hateful rhetoric. We are ON A MISSION to eliminate racism and empower women, and will continue to promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for ALL individuals.

This march is a painful reminder for us that racism continues to exist in our community and that we must stand united against it in order to send a message to white supremacist groups that hate has no home in our town.

On this weekend, we ask our allies to uplift the voices of those targeted by these hate groups. We extend our full support to the town and Princeton police in taking all the necessary precautions to keep our community safe.

In Solidarity,

Judy Hutton
CEO, YWCA Princeton