YWCA Princeton Receives $1,500 Grant From Investors Foundation

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YWCA Princeton recently received a $1,500 grant from Investors Foundation. This grant will help further YWCA Princeton’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women, by providing scholarship funding that will assist families with young children enrolled in our Princeton-based Bilingual Nursery School. The funding allows low-income Latino parents to provide their children with a vital introduction to formal education.

Leading research in early childhood education has highlighted the significance of the first five years of life in determining the cognitive, linguistic, and behavioral characteristics necessary for success in school and life. Many young parents, especially those who are recent immigrants, need additional support to keep their children in a pre-K program and to negotiate entry into public school systems. Programming geared to both generations in a low-income family has been proven to be the most successful model to breaking the cycle of poverty. YWCA Princeton offers just this kind of support to both the young child and the parent, but scholarship funding to underwrite that programming is critical.

YWCA Princeton’s Young Wonders Child Development Center (YWCDC) provides a level playing field for young children and their families hoping to improve their futures through education and employment,” remarked Judy Hutton, CEO YWCA Princeton. YWCDC prepares local children of all economic levels to succeed upon entering kindergarten. This year, 42% of the children enrolled in the bilingual classroom within the Princeton YWCDC rely on some form of financial subsidy. Without this assistance, some of these children might not receive any formal pre-K education and thus enter school without the basic language and social skills to thrive.