#WhitePeopleAgainstRacism– Beyond the Hashtag

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#WhitePeopleAgainstRacism is the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter and we love to see it–allies are incredibly important in the mission to eliminate racism and empower women. The hashtag is a great way to mobilize people and sends a strong message, but it needs to be followed up with action. So, here are three ways you can #StandAgainstRacism as a white ally.

1. Consider any unconscious biases you may hold and how you can do better in your daily interactions.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all guilty of making assumptions about people we encounter, whether it’s based on their age, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. These assumptions might not be meant maliciously, but a lot of what we assume about strangers can be based on stereotypes, many of which are rooted in things like sexism, racism, xenophobia, or homophobia.

Layla Saad has a digital book and workbook, MeAndWhiteSupremacy which is an excellent resource for those who hold white privilege to introspectively examine and work against perpetuating white supremacy. We participated in this work, and our Director of Operations wrote a letter to the editor about her experience.

May 2018–Students and community organizations gathered at Hinds Plaza for a Stand Against Racism Open Mic and Youth Rally

2. Attend events hosted by local social justice organizations that do anti-racism work.

YWCA Princeton is part of YWCA USA, a global organization dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women. If you don’t live near Mercer County, just visit the ywcausa website and find the closest one to you! YWCA Princeton and former YWCA Trenton founded the Stand Against Racism, which has been implemented across YW’s nationwide. If you do live in Mercer County, we are hosting screenings and discussions with Not In Our Town Princeton on Thursdays throughout the month of August. Not In Our Town Princeton meets on a monthly basis to discuss and address white supremacy and all its forms and actively does work to eliminate it.

3. donate to organizations and causes you believe in.

At the Lights for Liberty Vigil. When you see injustice, don’t look away. Join the protest and advocate for what you believe in.

Donating time, energy, or money, to any organization makes a tremendous difference. Our mission-based programs at YWCA Princeton address the of inequality: affordability and accessibility. You can volunteer for drop-in hours for our ESL program to have a casual conversation with students who are looking to improve their skills speaking in English, or cook meals for women who are undoing chemotherapy by contacting our Breast Cancer Resource Center, or help the Development staff run major fundraising events. If you’re able to make a financial donation you can choose which program will be impacted.

We also recently participated in the Lights for Liberty vigil in Hinds Plaza. The vigil in Princeton was part of a global demonstration against the inhumane  conditions in detention centers at our borders.  Click here for comprehensive information about how you can help families that are being affected.