We’re Getting a New Roof

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YWCA Princeton’s current strategic plan prioritizes four key areas: (1) advancing our mission and advocacy work, (2) attracting more women and girls of color, (3) improving data collection and decision making from that data, and (4) improving our facilities and maintaining this valuable community asset.

Hopefully you have seen evidence of our work in all four areas in the last year and a half. Our next big step in improving our facilities is a new roof and removing the canopy that connects the YWCA building to the YMCA building. Work will begin over the next few weeks. Optimal staging of the construction calls for dedicated space close to the building on the parking lot side. Therefore, we will be temporarily moving the handicapped parking spots right across the lot as seen in blue on the diagram. This relocation will take place on Saturday, August 4, 2018.

After the handicapped spaces are relocated, the existing handicapped spaces will be cordoned off and used as a dedicated construction area as seen in red on the diagram.

Work to remove the canopy, as seen in yellow on the diagram, may necessitate re-directing exiting traffic, so please drive slowly, maintain vigilance in the highly foot-traveled parking lot, and be on the lookout for temporary directional signage.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time and look forward to another improvement in our community’s space.