2023 warrior dash:
Saturday may 13 at the pennington school

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The Warrior Dash, first held in 2022 was created for members of the BCRC by members of the BCRC. It created a space for thrivers and survivors to fundraise and give back, while getting together with fellow members and their families to get their steps in and enjoy being outside.

Join us for a Fun Run/Walk and 100 Yard Dash (for  children ages 5 and up): Saturday May 13th. Proceeds benefit our Breast Cancer Resource Center in our mission to help women and their families live with, through and beyond breast cancer. The BCRC provides free programs and services such as wigs, fitness classes, nutrition and healthy eating classes, healing arts classes, support groups, financial resources, webinars on various topics related to breast cancer, one on one support, as well as community outreach and education workshops for various organizations all over New Jersey.

Participants will complete the Fun Run/Walk at their own pace on Saturday, May 13th at 8:00am. Out of state but want to participate? Register for the event and get your steps in on the 13th at your favorite park, trail, on the boardwalk, or in your own neighborhood! You can fundraise and show your support from anywhere.  

The Kid’s 100-Yard Dash will consist of three age categories: 5-7, 8-10, and 11 & 12 year olds. Prizes will be given to the top three participants in each age group.

Interested in getting involved? Email Melissa White-McMahon, Director of the Breast Cancer Resource Center.


Made possible with support and generosity from:


Trader Joe’s