Volunteer Voices: Aneeqah, Advocacy Intern

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Aneeqah is a high school student from West Windsor, New Jersey. She’s been volunteering and interning with the Development Department for two years with a focus on advocacy and social media. Throughout her time with us, she’s met with staffers for Senator Shirley Turner and Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman to discuss advocacy in government, contributed advocacy-oriented blog posts, and created social media posts and infographics. Most recently, she read poetry at our Stand Against Racism Youth Rally and Open Mic and the Juneteenth celebration in Trenton. Learn more about Aneeqah in our interview below!

 How did you find out about the YWCA?
As a freshman in high school, I wanted to contribute to my community and engage with issues that were important to me. I started researching organizations in the area that prioritized social justice and advocacy, since I am passionate about those issues, and I discovered the YWCA. 

What drew you to volunteering at the YWCA?
The YWCA’s commitment to taking action and making a difference as well as the opportunity to work with and learn from so many dedicated and experienced people made me really excited to be able to volunteer. 

What have you learned during your time at the YWCA?
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and get to know so many amazing people while volunteering at the YWCA. I’ve been able to gain experience in a professional setting, improve my organizational skills, and learn how to get messages across to a wide audience. I feel I’ve taken a little bit of everything from everyone to increase my leadership skills and my passion for what I do here.

What has your experience been volunteering virtually?
I was glad that even though we were living through a pandemic, I was still able to help out at the YWCA and contribute in a meaningful way. I learned a lot about communicating effectively and making connections even virtually, which was super rewarding.

How has volunteering at the YWCA impacted you?
I’m so thankful for everything I’ve experienced while volunteering at the YWCA. I’ve experienced how even small actions can have a big impact, and the importance of community efforts. As I finish high school and go into college, I will definitely be taking this knowledge with me and applying the lessons I’ve learned.