Upper Lot Closed

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Work on the YWCA Princeton’s roof continues as planned. (Read more about that plan here.) The next phase will include demolition of the canopy that connects the YWCA Program Building to the YMCA, shown in yellow on the diagram. Demolition will begin on Monday, September 10 and is expected to last a week.

In order to maintain a safe zone around the demolition, all participants will park in the East and West Lots, including families dropping off students for the Young Wonders Child Development Center. Please allow time to walk across the parking lot with children — it may take longer than anticipated. Entrance into the YWCA Building remains the same: the main door at the circle of the Upper Lot.

Participants who use the YMCA, please note that their entrance will be relocated to the door facing the West Lot.

This temporary situation will mean many more pedestrians in and around the parking lot, so please maintain vigilance in driving slowly, checking your mirrors, and proceeding with caution when backking up and at every turn.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time and look forward to another improvement in our community’s space.