The Newcomers and Friends Club– 60 Years Strong

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A 1960 newspaper clipping about the monthly Newcomers and Friends Club meetings

The Newcomers and Friends Club was formed on March 18th, 1959 around hot tea and good intentions. Through YWCA Princeton, a group of fifty women who had lived in the Princeton area for only two years or less were welcomed to a “Get Acquainted Dessert Tea”. What brought the women together that day was the desire to form meaningful connections and  foster a sense of community that may be difficult to find for new residents. The group began to take shape as meetings became more regular, and women who had experience with other Newcomers Clubs shared ideas and best practices.

Last week, the Newcomers and Friends Club celebrated its 60th anniversary (officially) on October 21st, 2019. Friends from various decades were in attendance, including seventeen former Presidents! Current President Marla Burchell presented YWCA Princeton CEO Judy Hutton with a beautiful Newcomers & Friends Club poster (now displayed proudly in the Bramwell Living Room) as well as a generous donation to YWCA Princeton’s programs.

Newcomers & Friends Club President Marla Burchell and YWCA Princeton CEO Judy Hutton
Recent Testimonials

“The beauty of this group is that no matter your reason for joining and no matter whether you come from across the street or across the ocean we’ve all found a home with the Princeton area Newcomers & Friends”- Debbie Ridder

“Joining Newcomers has been fantastic–meeting intelligent, different backgrounded, different aged women has been the best part. Now I feel like I have a family here. The interest groups have allowed me to explore Philly, NYC, and Central NJ cities, dine in restaurants in the area, go to the movies to see films my husband may not be interested in, share stories with women, learn something new, and, most of all, socialize with wonderful women.” – Pattie Natale

“…Suddenly there were people who really understood what it means to move out of one’s comfort zone and to  be surrounded by new people. Not only that in Princeton, however, this club is full of some of the most intelligent women I have ever met!”- Ann Goodwillie