Staff Stories: Nick Cheng, Assistant Director of The Burke Foundation Early Childhood Center

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Can you tell us about your experiences as a teacher? Has your background as an educator informed your approach to working as an administrator?

Before I came to the YWCA as the new assistant director, I previously was a teacher in the classrooms for 7 years. I predominately taught toddlers who ranged from 18 months-2 years old. However within those 7 years I bounced around helping other classrooms when needed, which ranged from infants-kindergarten. While helping each classroom ranging in different ages, I learned a lot about how to interact, care, and teach a wide variety of children. My background as an educator has helped me in my role as an administrator as I know how to connect and speak will all children, staff, and parents. As well as knowing age appropriate activities.

What do you enjoy the most about working in early childhood education?

What I enjoy most is interacting with the children and seeing how much they grow when they come as infants and leave as Kindergarteners. Just to see how much they’ve grown and developed and knowing we had an impact on their early lives is just truly a great sight to see and know.

Is there anything you find unique about The Burke Foundation Early Childhood Center at YWCA Princeton?

TBFECC at YWCA Princeton is unique in many ways, but one thing that truly sets us apart is that we provide a dual language environment. I like how in every room we have someone who speaks Spanish fluently and English, that way there is no language barrier and we could understand and help the children with their wants or needs.

Why is early education and care so important? How does childcare support working families?

Early education and care is so important because it gives the children the opportunity to develop their social emotional and cognitive development which will help them as they grow older. Childcare support is great, as it helps families pay for tuition and allows them to allocate more money to spend on themselves and their families.

Do you have any favorite memories or activities from your time at the YW so far?

One of my favorite memories thus far is when I open/step into a room and the children are so excited to see me. They run over in excitement and give me a big hug. Those hugs really put a smile on my face and makes me enjoy my job, knowing that I am making an impact on the child’s day.