Press Release– YWCA Princeton to introduce Kidsbridge Anti-Bullying Program to Preschool

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In a discussion with Lynne Azarchi, Executive Director of Kidsbridge, the CEO of YWCA Princeton, Judy Hutton, discovered that bullying starts as early as age three. Concerned by this fact, the two organizations decided to bring the Kidsbridge bullying prevention program to the YWCA’s preschool in Princeton. Hutton was motivated particularly because bias, race, and ethnicity are typical reasons that kids are targeted by bullies. YWCA Princeton’s preschool is an inclusive environment that celebrates and values diversity, and the nonprofit’s core mission is to eliminate racism and empower women. Judy Hutton said, “YWCA Princeton takes pride in taking these preventative measures to ensure no child is bullied, nor will they become one. We know that early childhood is a critical period for learning, and socio-emotional learning is just as vital as academic learning in order to prepare our students to be well-rounded and kind members of our community.” Added Azarchi, “Kidsbridge is looking forward to partnering with the YWCA Princeton. Our missions dovetail with each other’s, and research informs us that developing social-emotional skills at an early age is critical. It is important that we start educating all of our kids earlier by reinforcing empathy and kindness, teaching children how to appreciate diversity and not be biased toward others, and modeling how to treat each other with respect during their daily interactions.”