October Advocacy Updates

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YWomen Vote

It’s October, which means elections are less than one month away. The only thing more important than exercising your right to vote, is to be an informed voter. Vote 411 gives you a sample ballot for your district and will tell you where each of the candidates stand on various issues. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up this year in addition to countless local and state level elections. Your vote on policy matters! Just last week, President Biden pardoned the federal conviction of over 6 thousand people charged with simple possession of marijuana. Because of the campaign promises he made and pushing from his constituents, 6,500 had their right to vote restored.

Here at YWCA Princeton, there are two major policy points that we are focusing on – access to affordable childcare and women’s reproductive rights. Access to affordable childcare means more women in the workplace. Not only do we support affordable childcare, but diverse programs that allow the children to succeed as well. Protecting women’s reproductive rights should never be a question. While NJ Governor Phil Murphy has promised to protect women’s protective rights, 5 other states have questions about abortions on their ballots this year. Be sure to check your registration status early and get out to the polls on November 8th!

For this year’s elections in New Jersey, here are the important dates to remember:

  • October 18th – last day to register to vote
  • October 29th – early voting begins
  • November 8th – election day

Click here to check your voter registration status!

YW Strive

As part of our Economic Empowerment work, we are offering a computer literacy course called YW Strive to help prepare community members for the competitive and ever-evolving workforce. It’s intended for anyone who is preparing to enter or re-enter the workforce! Classes are starting soon, but it isn’t too late to get involved as a participant or volunteer. Contact Brigitte Jean-Louis, Advocacy and Economic Empowerment Manager, with any questions.