Nochebuena’s Story

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Ready for Work (and Whatever’s Next!)

Nochebuena has completed multiple courses in our English as a Second Language program, and continues to excel as she gains confidence through our goal-oriented classes and 1:1 practice opportunities. She recently shared, “I have seen so much improvement…The Workplace Readiness classes and especially the course on English for Specific Careers were very interesting because they helped me understand a lot of terms used in the workplace that I never heard before. I have also become more fluent in my communication with others and improved my speaking skills.
I have learned a lot about the American culture, and through that process, I have come to appreciate many things about my own. I need to continue to improve my reading and my writing skills: that’s why I am continuing to take classes here. I know that I can’t do it without YWCA Princeton and the help of our amazing teachers.”

Education is empowerment, and we’re committed to ensuring community members studying English like Nochebuena have the resources and support to reach their goals.