Benefactors for Bates

Benefactors For Bates 2018

To purchase your ticket to the cocktail party, please fill the form below. You may also purchase a ‘Pearl’ along with your ticket. At the event, we will string all the ‘Pearls’ together to form a beautiful strand of support for the Pearl Bates Scholarship Fund and the countless lives it impacts.


Benefactor for Bates is an annual cocktail reception that raises crucial financial support for the Bates Scholarship Fund. Held every year in November, the event is one of the major sources of fundraising for the scholarship program, celebrating and strengthening the Bates legacy. PNC Wealth Management is returning as the Presenting Sponsor of the 2018 event.

Presenting Sponsor


Pearl Nelson Bates was a dedicated community leader, enthusiastic YWCA volunteer and a former Board Member. When she died in 1963 before the age of 40, her colleagues at Education Testing Service (ETS) honored her memory with a gift to the YWCA, which was to be used for youth programs. Sherman Bates, Pearl’s husband, recalled that, although she had no children of her own, “Pearl considered everybody to be her child.”

By 1965, the fund continued to grow, thanks to group and individual contributions and was formally designated the Bates Scholarship Fund. Now in its fifty-third year, this fund has enabled thousands of families with financial need to take advantage of YWCA Princeton classes offered though the ESL program, After School Program, Child Development Center, Breast Cancer Resource Center, and more.

Event Committee

Geniva Martin, Co-Chair
Barbara Purnell, Co-Chair
Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman
Kathleen Nash
Nancy Henkel
Suzanne McCroskey
Marge Smith
Barbara Straut
Margee Harper
Sallye Zink
Doodie Meyer
Amy Rabner
Gail Clough

On Sunday, November 19, YWCA Princeton started a new tradition with a special reception, entitled Benefactors for Bates, for our top supporters at ETS’s Chauncey Center. The committee, led by Barbara Purnell, has been hard at work to continue to boost the Bates Scholarship in new and meaningful ways.

Sunday’s event, featured a short film on Pearl Bates, and highlighted the influence she had on the community, a brief history about her, as well as some of the people the scholarship has impacted. Well-deserved thanks was given to PNC Wealth Management and ETS for their significant contributions to the Pearl Bates Scholarship Fund. PNC’s Aquatia Owens and ETS’s Lenora Green each pledged additional support from their organizations at the event. Their announcements were met by applause from the capacity crowd.

YWCA Princeton appreciates all who attended this special event and also helped support in executing a successful launch. In introducing this new chapter of the Pearl Bates Scholarship Fund, YWCA Princeton reaffirms the spirit of Pearl Bates.

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