Linda’s Story

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A minute after diagnosis my friend told me about the  Breast Cancer Resource Center and I am eternally grateful. From my first contact I had a sense of security that I found the right place to enhance my healing. The BCRC has played a major role throughout my breast cancer journey, and continues to impact my life today. The BCRC welcomed me into the community so I wouldn’t feel alone; the wig and head shaving party idea helped me feel in control as my life was topsy turvy; the staff helped me feel pretty and feminine when my body image was being assaulted; they helped restore my wholeness when the surgeries, chemo, poking and prodding were draining and depleting me.

The BCRC was my reliable “go to” place for all breast cancer resources from diagnosis through treatment.  But, it didn’t stop when treatment ended.  Today, as 3 year survivor, the BCRC continues to be an integral part of my life; they are there for me as I navigate the unexpected post-traumatic stress through the healing arts programs they offer; they helped restore my confidence when they asked me to model in the BCRC fashion show; they offer a myriad of lectures on staying healthy after cancer, and health promoting programs. I am blessed by my experiences at the BCRC and the outpouring of love and support I received, and now through the BCRC I am able to give back.  I am currently a BCRC yoga teacher and a BCRC ambassador. These are just a couple of the ways I now help others on their journey.  BCRC  is a gift I received when I was most vulnerable.  I learned to take and receive this gift, and now I proudly contribute and help others in their healing journey.

Listen to Linda in her own words, “If I want to show off my muscles, I’ll shave my head.”