How to Vote by Mail

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Governor Murphy recently announced that due to the coronavirus pandemic, New Jersey will conduct its general election mostly through mail-in votes, with a limited amount of in-person voting available. We encourage all eligible voters to participate in the voting process, as civic engagement is integral to racial justice.

A Checklist for Voting in the 2020 Election

  1. Register to vote. The deadline is October 13th, click here to download the registration form.

No need to request an absentee ballot–due to the pandemic, mail in ballots will be sent to all registered voters in New Jersey.

2. Research the candidates! Either go directly to the campaign websites of the candidates, or find nonpartisan sources that summarize where candidates stand on the issues that matter to you.

3. Mail or deliver your ballot. It must be postmarked (or dropped off in person) by Nov. 3 and received by Nov. 10, or received by Nov. 5 if not postmarked due to postal error.


(if you want to vote in person): Fewer polling places will be open; however, each municipality must open at least one polling place, and counties must open at least 50 percent of their polling places. Votes cast in person will be provisional ballots.

Additional voting resources and news: