Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson, Ph.D

Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson currently works in secondary education and consults for several racial literacy, STEM education and training projects. Dr. Barnes-Johnson has taught in formal and out-of-school settings for more than twenty years spending much of that time focused on chemistry, material science, environmental science, and STEM related humanities studies. She has published several articles that address teacher preparation, policy and curriculum design and has led professional development programs at various practitioner levels. Recent conference presentations allow her to continue the expansion of work that intersects sociology and science education. She has worked as a program manager and field specialist for various grant programs including her own experiences as an undergraduate research student. She was recently honored by the New Jersey Education Association with the 2019 MLK Jr. Human & Civil Rights Award. She currently serves on the Boards for the Paul Robeson House of Princeton (Program Committee) and CHOOSE organization.

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