2018 Tribute Honorees

Linda Mead

D & R Greenway Land Trust, Inc.

Linda Mead has been President and CEO of D&R Greenway Land Trust for 20 of its 29 year existence. The organization has preserved over 20,000 acres in Central New Jersey worth over 400 million dollars. Her leadership has seen the D&R Greenway through a period of phenomenal growth, achieving statewide and national recognition. Her vision led to the creation of the D&R Greenway’s Conservation Campus and its Johnson Education Center that supports land preservation and stewardship, with art galleries and programming that inspire a conservation ethic. Linda has also made it possible for this to become the home of the YWCA Princeton Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) clubhouse. The women of the BCRC benefit from the spacious preserved park with healthy walks and bike rides, a nature and nurture approach.

Linda is not only responsible for the tremendous effort in the Princeton-Trenton community, but also serves on Land trust boards in other parts of the US. Recognition of her work includes the prestigious 2002 International Paper Conservation Partnership Award from The Conservation Fund, the 2013 Environmental Achievement Award from Plan Smart New Jersey, the 2013 Women in Wildlife Leadership Award from Conserve Wildlife New Jersey, and the 2014 Zone IV Civic Improvement Commendation Award from the Garden Club of America. Linda has said, “I’ve seen land preservation bring families together, heal bodies, and spirits, and inspire art and action for the greater good. In two hundred years no one will know who we were, but we will be heroes.” This quote truly exemplifies her passion and drive for the work she does.

Her personal interests are visiting National Parks, art galleries, gardens, and intriguing landscapes.