Highlights From The Annual ESL Student Award Ceremony

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On May 16, 2018, YWCA Princeton celebrated the achievements of the ESL Program students, at the annual Student Award Ceremony.  This year we had an unprecedented turnout of over 110 students and their family members. We were joined in this student award ceremony by Judy Hutton, CEO of YWCA Princeton, and Nancy Faherty, Director of Advocacy & Development.

L-R: Art Students with their teacher Linda Materna, and YWCA Princeton CEO Judy Hutton

Art students displayed their wonderful watercolor art that they created with the guidance of their art teacher, Linda Materna. This program was possible thanks to the generosity of the Mercer County’s Cultural and Heritage Commission. Beginning ESL class teacher Kathy Johannessen felicitated the students of the class at the ceremony.

L-R: Heledona Katro, Director of the ESL Program, felicitates Petronila Lopez and Marie Rivage on successfully receiving their USA citizenship.


Three students were also congratulated and presented a citizenship award, after successfully becoming citizens of USA. The ESL Program provides free citizenship classes and private tutoring for each student, working tirelessly with students to help prepare them for citizenship in USA.

YWCA Princeton’s ESL Program is a comprehensive Adult English as a Second Language Program offering over 40 ESL classes to men and women with widely divergent language abilities and backgrounds. We instruct nearly 400 students annually who hail from about 40 countries and speak 30 different languages. To learn more, visit: https://www.ywcaprinceton.org/esl