Friends of the YWCA

Become a Member
Friends of the YWCA Princeton are members who provide a significant source of unrestricted funds at a higher membership level. The Friends’ continued passion and support enable us to advance our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women through its programming and outreach.

The YWCA celebrates the Friend of the YWCA at the annual Friends Luncheon.

Friends with at least one year in the group are welcome to apply to serve on the Friends Steering Committee. For more information about serving, please speak with one of the current co-chairs.

Steering Committee

Honorary Chair
Jane Dennison

Geniva Martin
Suzanne McCroskey

Kristen R. Braley
Barbara Broad
Susan Carril
Patricia Clearwater
Gail Clough
Cheri Hennessy Durst
Nancy Geiger
Margee Harper
Nancy Henkel
Karen Klein
Judy Klitgaard
Anna Lustenberg
Katherine McGavern
Doodie Meyer
Julie Nachamkin
Kathleen Nash
Barbara Purnell
Amy Rabner
Melanie Rauch
Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman
Cynthia D. Shull
Alice Small
Marge Smith
Barbara Straut
Anita Thomas
Penny B. Thomas
Leslie Ward

Friends 2016-17

Platinum Circle $1000+
Blair Family Fund of PACF
Laurel Cameron
Patricia Clearwater
Heather Kisilywicz
Karen P. Klein
Judith Huus Klitgaard
Geniva Martin
Julie F. Nachamkin
Rosemary O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Scheid
Penny Thomas

Gold Circle $500-$999
Ann Lee Saunders Brown
Laurence Greenberg and Martha Land
Fernando Guerrero and Jill Jachera
Gund, Gordon & Llura Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation
Yolanda McPhee
Kathleen Nash
O’Hara Family Fund of PACF
Sarina Prior
Miquelon Weyeneth

Silver Circle $250 – $499
Carolyn Ainslie
Jermain Anderson
Patricia D. Atkinson
Ginger August and Dr. Brian Zack
Joan Bartl
Katrin Bruschi
Susan Cheuk
Linda Chew
Melanie Clarke
Lenora Green
Cheryl Howard
Pamela Hughes
Diane Lefebvre and Ron Szabo
William and Nancy Lifland Fund of PACF
Katherine Liu
Mr. and Dr. Lance Liverman
Jean Mahoney
Doodie Meyer
Tasha O’Neill
Barbara Purnell
Melanie Rauch
James Roderick
Alice Kay Small
Barbara Straut
Mary Wilde
Susan Wilson

Friends 2016-17

Friends Circle Family $200 – $249
Megan Adams
Jayne Cande
Karen Delk
Nell Talman Haughton
Dr. N. Hilary Hays
Nancy Henkel
Patricia Klag
David Lumberger
Barbara Morgan
Joyce Rappeport
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Russo, Jr.
Cynthia D. Shull
Ann Strootman
Suzanne Tame
Sallye Zink

Friends Circle $150 – $199
Dr. and Mrs. Buzz Berger
Mary Ellen Bowen
Kirsten R. Braley
Barbara Broad
Marlene Brown
Diane W. Burke
Susan D. Carril
Diane Ciccone
Gail Clough
Patricia Cooke
Jean Crane
Ann D. Dale
Ruchi B. Datta
Heidi Dreyfuss
Kristin Epstein
Nancy C. Faherty
Leticia Fraga
Elizabeth Garber
Mary C. Geary
Nancy Geiger
Ann Goodwillie
Barbara Greenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Hendrik Hartog
Lorraine Holcombe
Judy Hutton
Karen Jezierny
Nancy Dawn Jones
Carroll King
Anna Lustenberg
Phyllis Marchand
Judith Marks
Art Martin
Anastasia Marty
Suzanne McCroskey
Katherine McGavern
Joanne Meehan
Jacqueline Meisel
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt M. Mislow
Beth Ogilvie-Freda and Mark Freda
Andrew and Laurie Okun
Dee Patberg
Janice Pell
Caroline Peloso
Janet Perkins
Mary Pickens
Marilyn Pinto
Amy Rabner
Linda A. Richter
Cynthia Ricker
Catherine Rosen
Dr. Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman
Marsha Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sands
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Schaeffer
Louise Senior
Reshmi Siddique
Marge Smith
MaryLou Spang
Julie Sullivan-Crowley
Sally Sword
Maria Sypek
Anita Thomas
Mary-Ellen Tietjen
Fritzie Tottenham-Smith
Happy Wallace
Leslie Straut Ward
Martha Wickenden