We went to my son’s kindergarten screening today and they told me to pass on their compliments to his preschool. He is not only academically prepared for kindergarten, but I have seen a huge development of his social-emotional skills this year during Pre-K. He has so much fun at school, and I can see how much he is learning while he plays. I know he is going into elementary school with a love of learning built at the YWCA. -Eileen L.
Before the quarantine started in March, my 5y/o was attending another local pre-school program. She was not doing well there. I felt as if she was not learning anything, her attitude towards school was poor and she genuinely seemed unhappy. I was concerned she would need some type of extra help going into kindergarten this September. When the in-person YWCA summer program opened up, I explained to the staff some of my concerns. Within three weeks my fears were quickly alleviated. My 5y/o has learned more in this short time at the YW this summer than she has her whole time at the pre-school. She’s counting better, speaking better, has more confidence and a renewed enthusiasm for school. The difference is night and day. Her teachers, Ms. Tessa and Señora Rosa are the best she’s ever had. They’re firm but patient, stern yet loving. My Peyton cannot wait until she goes to school and she cannot wait to tell me about her day when I pick her up. I thank God for that staff there at the YWCA. Not to mention that we have been attempting to potty-train my 2y/o for a few months now, but we couldn’t get the job done until the staff got onboard with us. I happy to say she was potty trained in less than a week. The staff was very collaborative with her mom and me. Lastly, and most importantly, the biggest concerns we had for our children attending the summer program was safety. The YWCA staff at the Cherry Hill facility takes COVID precautions very seriously. They keep the class sizes small, and my kids and I are screened daily with a questionnaire and temperature checks. The staff also wears personal protective equipment from head to toe. If there is as so much as a hiccup from another child or staff member, the YWCA’s staff informs all the parents immediately. My girl and I could not feel any more secure. I am writing this to let you know that my family thinks you are doing an amazing job and we never imagined such pleasing results with our children. Especially when it comes to preparing our 5y/o for kindergarten. Thank you! -Pedro B.
I have been coming here for years, as both of my sons attended this program, both during the school year and in the summer... The teachers actually play with the children; they don't just supervise from a distance while they do other activities...I am very picky about school programs as I am a teacher myself, and this was the program that I chose to send my children to, and I'm so happy I did. -Current parent