An Outstanding Accomplishment

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Latinas Unidas in Trenton celebrated the end of the ESL Winter class with 14 students completing the course. Nathaniel Philips, an ESL Instructor, noted:

“We had a very productive semester in ESL at Latinas Unidas in Winter of 2019. It is wonderful to see students put in the effort and to advance over time. This class was incredibly apt for the job of learning and really has been outstanding.

For oral presentations, students wrote dialogues about different conversational situations. The students were only given the topic and then had to imagine the rest of the conversation. It is a good way to get specific vocabulary that is connected to each situation, situations such as making plans to go to the movies, or to go on a vacation. Each group came up with interesting and imaginative dialogues to present to their classmate.”

Latinas Unidas was founded in 1992 by Sasa Olessi Montano. The program was created with the intention to provide local Latina women with support for ongoing domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, Immigration, and financial counseling related issues. Women are provided with a supportive network to assist with their transition into life in the United States.

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