The Breast Cancer Resource Center

During the pandemic, our Breast Cancer Resource Center has been more crucial than ever to the well-being of survivors in our area. While women undergoing treatment have found themselves isolated, our network of survivors – 1,200 strong – has remained connected. Healing arts, writing, fitness, cooking classes, and educational workshops have all carried on in a virtual format.  Wig selection is done over Zoom with porch pick-up at our location. Bras and prosthetics are provided via porch pick-up, with explanation over Zoom if needed. (Exchanges are allowed.)  

Our clients attest to the impact we have had during this challenging time:   

“I have attended a number of the combined mediation/ journaling hours. They are always helpful, but one session stands out. I had many side effects from my treatment including vision problems and not being able to sleep well. I was overwhelmed with some negative medical news. I decided that I needed to go to one [of the sessions]. I came hoping that it would help me relax some, but I was amazed at just how much difference it made in that week. All the medical issues somehow felt more manageable afterwards. Yes, the meditation hour helped me relax, but it also helped me feel stronger and that I could deal with what was happening in my body.” – Esther 

“Something pretty amazing happened…. last night I participated in a zoom healing arts session with @bcrcprinceton and it was painting to music. I started with a nice blue and felt peaceful, but then my colors started getting darker. I don’t have a picture of the end result but I left it outside to dry, not realizing it was supposed to downpour this morning. It was left on a table under an overhang but was curious to see what it looked like now. So after the rain passed, I went to get it and was absolutely surprised….. all the darkness washed away and the blue sky is uncovered and stayed intact. Today I’m looking at this piece as a metaphor. I might have run into some dark clouds again, but soon they will clear…. and that blue sky will emerge….” – Michele S.