English as a Second Language

To my YWCA Princeton community,

My name is Heledona, and I am the Director of ESL and Literacy Programs here at the YW. I would like to share with you the story of someone who inspires me every day.  

Huber stands proud as an American citizen in 2020

When I met Huber, he was working full-time in downtown Princeton while taking ESL courses at night. His ultimate goal was to become a paramedic. Like many of us, Huber faced challenges—his family was not supportive of his decision to pursue his dreams—and had moments of doubt. With a little encouragement from our team, he continued his studies.  

Huber has since graduated from our programs and relocated to the West Coast, but he continues to update us on his victories. He is now a Medical Assistant serving as a frontline worker, and he is well on his way to receiving his EMT certification.  

We meet individuals like Huber each day—people with incredible courage who come from across the world in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families. They are resilient and determined to thrive in a new environment, culture, and language.   

You may not know Huber personally, but as a supporter of YWCA Princeton, you are part of his story and part of our legacy. Your support means neighbors, friends, and community members like Huber can flourish. And the fact is, we all do better when we all do better. Today, we ask: Will you join us in building a strong community for us all?  

Thank you for making our mission possible,  

Heledona Katro
Director of ESL and Literacy Programs