(L-R: Jeanine Miller, Phyllis Marchand, and Jane Rodney promoting Race for the Cure)

providing A foundation to thrive at the YW and beyond

For decades, the YW has provided programs and support for every age and stage of life. During the 90’s this was particularly true. From aquatics for infants, to professional development workshops and bereavement groups, there was something for everyone in the community. The BCRC also continued to expand its programming, and under the leadership of Jane Rodney, the BCRC organized the first Race for the Cure held in New Jersey, which also benefitted the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

And, regardless of age, the ability to speak and understand English was and remains a benefit to anyone new to the country and our community. The bilingual nursery school at the Valley Road School provided free early education and care for children learning English as their second language, and laid the foundation for cultural exchange that remains integral at The Burke Foundation Early Childhood Center at YWCA Princeton. Similarly, our English as a Second Language program offered hands-on ways for students to meet and mingle with one another and exchange culture through food.

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