100 Years: A legacy of healing and community

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If you shopped at a local business or even visited the YW in the past month, you’ve probably seen our pink bows to promote the BCRC during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know most of them were made by volunteers at ZS Associates, a business here in Princeton? As the Support Services Coordinator of the BCRC, their contributions help me help other women. As a breast cancer survivor and beneficiary of BCRC services myself, I know firsthand what that care and support means to our members.

In October, I picked up a $500 check from the Steinert Girls Soccer team. I was blown away by their willingness to fundraise and support a local nonprofit. To put their generosity into perspective, that $500 covers the cost of supplies for 10 women to participate in a Healing Arts Class, mastectomy bras for 10 women, or wigs for 5 women. While there, I also had the opportunity to share with the girls critical information about breast health.

A big part of my job is referred to as intake, the process of connecting with women who are new to the BCRC. A woman who is new to the BCRC may not be new to breast cancer; some women are in the thick of their treatment when they join and others are many years post treatment. There is no timeline for when someone might need our services…ALL ARE WELCOME AT ANYTIME.  It brings me comfort to know that we’re able to meet women where they are in their breast cancer journey. In addition to my team at YWCA Princeton and fellow BCRC members, they have an entire community behind them; even if they don’t know it yet.

Please consider making a gift in honor of YWCA Princeton’s 100th birthday. Because your support makes all the difference.

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Betsy Bell
Support Services Coordinator
YWCA Princeton Breast Cancer Resource Center