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About Nursery School

Limited spots available. Please call to schedule an appointment for a tour and to get your registration packet.

*Preschool registration is not available online.

We offer an exceptional program that emphasizes well-rounded learning. Your child will learn critical thinking, respect, independence, and problem solving—all while having fun in a nurturing, safe environment.

We incorporate activities designed to stimulate your child’s mind and to develop important social skills such as cooperation, helping, negotiation, and problem solving. Your child will be actively engaged in a variety of “hands on” experiences and group activities designed to encourage creativity and growth.

The YWCA Princeton believes each child is a worthwhile individual, learning to make appropriate choices, establish and maintain self-worth, and respect herself/himself as well as others, regardless of difference. All staff are members of the New Jersey Association of the Education of the Young Child (NJAEYC).

The school’s diverse international student population has specially designed classes to ensure they enter kindergarten well prepared for educational success. We offer a traditional program, a bilingual program, and a multilingual program whose students first language is non-English (for example, Chinese, French, or even Hindi). Students from our last graduate class represented 11 countries and 5 different languages. All our students celebrate diversity, earning respect and acceptance in their multicultural peer group -- all in a safe and nurturing environment, with highly qualified, caring staff.

A perfect balance of learning and play

  • Experiential, “hands on” learning
  • Individual and group activities
  • Respect-based curriculum

Our preschool students

  • 2½-6 years
  • International student population
  • Bilingual & multi-lingual classes
  • Potty training not required
  • Students are from Princeton, Montgomery, Skillman, Plainsboro, Lawrence, West Windsor, and beyond. All are welcome!


Flexible scheduling

  • Full and half day options
  • Select the hours the work best for you between 8am-6pm
  • Come 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week
  • Year-round programs available
  • Summer nursery school option


Unique offerings

  • Field trips and special on-site presentations
  • Free swim lessons for students enrolled in our YWCA summer camp
  • Outdoor nature center & classroom
  • Weekly music program
  • Year-round special events
  • Access to other YWCA programs (such as ballet, swim). Free transfer of students between programs.




All participants must be YWCA members. Member subsidies and Bates Scholarships are available.







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