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About Nursery School


We offer an exceptional program that emphasizes well-rounded learning. Your child will learn critical thinking, respect, independence, and problem solving—all while having fun in a nurturing, safe environment.

We incorporate activities designed to stimulate your child’s mind and to develop important social skills such as cooperation, helping, negotiation, and problem solving. Your child will be actively engaged in a variety of “hands on” experiences and group activities designed to encourage creativity and growth.



 Tigers   Zebras   Unicorns 
(2 1/2 yrs as of 9/30) (3-4 yrs as of 9/30)  (4-6 yrs as of 9/30)


  • New Jersey State licensed program
  • Educated, compassionate professionals lead your child through explorative, "hands-on" learning
  • Includes weekly yoga classes
  • Weekly gym classes
  • Our commercial bus driver is on staff to drive our 24-passenger mini bus to special events and field trips
  • On-site nature center, complete with walking path, outdoor classroom, and sustainable gardens
  • Flexible scheduling (half and full-day options)
  • Complimentary transfer to other YWCA programs (i.e. ballet, swim, etc.)
  • Priority enrollment in YWCA classes and camps


Bilingual Nursery School

Our Bilingual Spanish/English Nursery School and multi-cultural English Immersion Nursery School classes are available for the 2015-2016 school year.


Nuestra escuela infantil bilingüe y una clase de inglés inmersión Nursery School multicultural están disponibles para el año escolar 2015-2016. Todos los programas incluyen juego libre, tiempo de círculo, proyectos, snack, jugar al aire libre, presentaciones de invitados especiales y excursiones junto con acceso a nuestra nueva aula y seleccione eventos especiales de la YWCA. Estaremos encantados de vestir y acompañar a su hijo a otras clases de YWCA de Princeton como ballet, danza y natación en el que están registrados.


















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